Forms of Persecution: detention, torture, forced marriage, rape, imprisonment, enslavement, mass resettlement, death, confiscation of property, denial of the right to assemble, prohibitions against distributing religious material, slander, libel, and propoganda.

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Welcome! My name is Myo Thain and this is my personal webpage conerning the people, the faith and the issues along the border of Burma and Thailand, Laos and China. There is a community of people in part of the border between Burma and Thailand within the refugee camps in which the people call "Nettara".

Do you have questions about Nettara or this purpose of this website? Would you like to add your comments on this page? I would love to hear from you. Send me email. Before you send me an email please take notice that this site does not send out "passports" or "citizinship papers". If someone told you that this site sells or distributes passports or citizenship papers they have misinformed you. As one journalist from the Middle East said, "their preference of ignorance is alarming".

Refugees International: BURMA
RI has advocated for increased assistance and protection for Burmese refugees and internally displaced people. We have emphasized that the number of refugees from Burma may be significantly underreported as neighboring countries classify individuals with legitimate asylum claims as economic migrants rather than refugees. READ MORE (I thank those who have been helping in providing this page to me.)

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